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Annie - The Musical Cast List

We cannot thank you enough for auditioning for our production of Annie. With 130 girls and 40 adults auditioning, we had our work cut out for us. If we were not able to use you in this production, we hope you will come and audition for us again in the future. Please email your acceptance to and watch your emails.

Congratulations and Welcome to the Cast of Annie!

Annie - Charity Tait

Oliver Warbucks - Craig Winder

Grace Farrell - Sebrina Woodland

Miss Hannigan - Celeste Baillio

Rooster Hannigan - Logan McKenna

Lily St. Regis - Tiffany Bean

President Roosevelt - Blake Webster

Molly - Ella Tait

Kate - Olivia Younker

Tessie - Whitney Petrovich

Pepper - Beth Griffiths

July - Ellee Arnell

Duffy - Anna Giddings

Bert Healy - Stanton Allen

Boylan Sisters - Sarah Bast, Chrissy Webster, Kate Neeley

Drake - Jared Rounds

Mrs. Pugh - Brynn Francis

Mrs. Greer - Jessica Mohammed

Cecile - Chrissy Webster

Annette - Jessica Sterr

Bundles - Nathan Larsen

Lt. Ward - Steven Moore

Francis Perkins - Sarah McKenna

Cordell Hull - Stanton Allen

Harold Ickes - Steven Moore

Henry Morganthau - Branden Israelsen

Louis Howe - Nathan Larsen

Judge Brandeis - Steven Moore

Star to Be - Melina McNees

Jimmy Johnson/Sound Effects Guy - Hayden Höglund

Fred McCraken /Wacky- Nathan Larsen

Sophie - Sarah McKenna

Eddie - Branden Israelsen

Dogcatchers - McKay Haslam, Lily Allen

Appleseller - Callum McKenna

Usherette - Alisha Straatman

Orphans - Sophie Fillimoehala, Norah Mortensen, Alivia Oldham, Hannah Bast, Hannah Anderson, Demi Larsen, Emily Anderson, McKenna Johnson, Madalyn Smith, Halle Jo Jensen

House Staff/NYC Ensemble - Hayden Höglund, Joe Wall, Nathan Larsen, Alisha Straatman, Morgan Jenkins, Shannon Thorne, Kinsey Alder, Ashlyn Jolley

Hooverville Residents/NYC Ensemble - Sarah McKenna, Andrea Haslam, Kimberly Watkins, Hayley Shakespear, Sarah Bast, Kate Neeley, Noelle Neeley, Melina McNees, Branden Israelsen, Nathan Larsen, Joe Wall, Hayden Höglund, Stanton Allen, Lily Allen, McKay Haslam, Millie Haslam, Jade McKenna, Callum McKenna

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