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Thank you for auditioning for Ragtime! We had many talented people from the community audition. If you weren't cast in this show, PLEASE audition for the next one.   Please check our website in the future for more information about other opportunities!

Ragtime Casting Panel: Jed Broberg, Karin Gittins, Stephanie White, Marriane Sidwell

Ragtime Cast List

Coalhouse Walker Jr.- Conlon Bonner

Sarah- Brittany Andam

The Little Boy- Mason Bast

Father- Logan McKenna

Mother- Celeste Baillio

Younger Brother- Jared Rounds

Grandfather- Randy Jensen

Evelyn Nesbit- Barbie Haggerty

Tateh- Kyle Cottam

Little Girl- Sophia Rowe

Houdini- Ben Pedersen

Emma Goldman- Sarah McKenna

Booker T. Washington- Krispin Banks

J.P. Morgan & Ensemble- Cary Youmans

Henry Ford & Ensemble- Aaron Lacey

Willie Conklin & Ensemble- Chris Metz

Sarah's Friend/Ensemble- Daysha Lassiter

Sarah's Friend/Ensemble- Nneka Barcelona

Ensemble- OBA Bonner

Ensemble- Avery Sims

Ensemble- Kile Allen

Ensemble- Nicholas Warren

Ensemble- Dallin Patton

Ensemble- Seth Mulkey

Ensemble- Randy Wellbaum

Ensemble- Harmony Gailey

Ensemble- Issa McKnight

Ensemble- Madelaine Lamah

Ensemble-Chelsi Pulley

Ensemble- Rachel Olsen

Ensemble- Lily Allen

Ensemble- Molly Cottam

Ensemble- Kim Day

Ensemble- Stephen Taylor

Ensemble- Blake Hobbs

Ensemble- Logan O' Donell

Ensemble- Soren Pedersen

Ensemble- Karen Tuescher

Ensemble-Melissa Otani-Jensen

Ensemble- Halle Jensen

Ensemble- Haven Draper

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