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Dancers: Please come Wednesday April 24, 6:30-7:30 Thomas Edison South Gym

Kallie Lund, Parker Smith,Ginny Teuscher, Chloe Allen, Sadie Dayley, Stuart Needham,Richard Cox, Shawn Bunce, Nathan Florence, J.D. Needham, Cameron Grant, Anne Summers, Grace Summers, Sierra McKellar, Amy Smuin, Aubriana Resendes, Eliza Jorgensen, Brynn Francis, Kaycia Barben, Melina McNees, Melinda Richards, Sydney Andreasen, McCoy Brady, Staci Nemelka, Ashlyn Jolley, Alisha Stratman, Bethany Anderson, Abigail Edwards, Katherine Newman, Katherine Gneiting, Blake Jolley, Peter Taylor, Brad Noble, Bodie Brower

Call Back for Specific Parts: Please come Wednesday April 24, 7:30- 9:30 Thomas Edison South

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Amaryllis: Anna Lacey, Maura Harris, Ella Kelstrom (others might be added after children's auditions on Wed.)

Winthrop: Spencer Needham, Mac Brough, Aaron Anderson, Mason Bast (others might be added after children's auditions on Wed.)

Harold Hill: Clifton Richards, Carson Yonker, Stanton Allen, Tyler Whitesides, Bradley Summers

Tommy: Blake Jolley, Peter Taylor

Marcellus: Brad Noble, Bodie Brower

Mayor Shin: Blake Webster, Cary Youmans, Brad Noble, Stanton Allen

Charlie: Brad Noble, Kyle Spuhler, Kyle Cottam

Quartet: Clifton Richards, Trenton Bateman, Stanton Allen, Mark Stanger, Bodie Brower, Travis Leonhardt, Bradley Summers, James Jenkins

Marian: Jessica Mohammed, Lindsey Kelstrom, Jamie Yonker

Mrs. Paroo: Marianne Sidwell, Jennifer Birchell, Debbie Ditton

Eulalie Shinn: Jessica Mohammad, Marianne Sidwell, Teresa Jones, Kathleen Bateman

Ethel: Katherine Gneiting, Katherine Newman

Zaneeta Shinn: Abigail Edwards, Bethany Anderson

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