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Announcing the cast of Fiddler on the Roof

We are awed by the level of talent we saw at auditions for this show!  Thank you to everyone for their time and preparation. Casting was extremely competitive. We wished we could have cast each one of those who came to auditions or sent in a video.  We hope to see you all at future auditions.


Please email your acceptance and known rehearsal conflicts to by May 31st.  I will ask for an updated conflict list as I create the schedule in late July. We will have a costume measurement call in early July and rehearsals will begin August 22nd.  Rehearsals will be carefully scheduled (based on your conflicts) T-F evenings and Saturdays during the day.  We will add Mondays the week we move to the theatre. The show runs October 12-18 at the Ellen Eccles Theatre.


Please click HERE for character descriptions.


Male Roles

Tevye:  Cary Youmans

Motel, The Tailor/Fiddler:  Clifton Richards

Perchik, The Student:  Carson Younker

Fyedka, The Russian Soldier:  Daniel Francis

Lazar Wolfe, The Butcher:  Blake Webster

The Constable:  Jim Malouf

The Rabbi:  Mike Bailey

Mendel, The Rabbi’s Son:  Luke Andersen

Mordcha, The Innkeeper: Scott Hunsaker

Avram, The Bookseller/Ensemble:  Brad Noble

Russian Soloist/Russian Soldiers/Ensemble:  Ben Phillips

Nachum, The Beggar/Ensemble:  Camden Winn

Yussel, The Town Hatter/Ensemble:  Sam Farnsworth

Russian Priest/Ensemble: Christian Fairbanks

Motel’s Father/Ensemble:  Jeff Stout

Russian Soldiers/Ensemble:  Stuart Needham, Daniel Ditton, Connor Idso


Female Roles

Golde, Tevye’s Wife:  Marianne Sidwell

Tzeitel, Eldest Daughter:  Melinda Richards

Hodel, 2nd Eldest Daughter:  Chrissy Webster

Chava, 3rd Eldest Daughter: Grace Mickelson

Shprintze, 4th Eldest Daughter:  Clara Benson

Bielke, Youngest daughter:  Anne Summers

Yente, The Matchmaker:  Teresa Jones

Grandma Tzeitel/Ensemble:  Cathy Neeley

Fruma-Sarah/Ensemble: Melissa Hamilton

Shaindel – Motel’s mother/Ensemble:  Adrienne Hansen

Additional Townspeople/Ensemble/Mothers/Daughters: Cynthia Phillips, Pam Gee, Keri Swink, Rachel Newswander, Angie Keller, Kathryn Burtenshaw, Lauren Sidwell, Jenny Albrechtsen, Elizabeth Swink, Bridgette Noble, Elise Sparrow, Katie Ditton, Bethany Anderson, Gabby Noble, Lotti Sidwell, Erin Pitcher, Ashley Jackman, Hannah Merrill


Children:  Alexa Stout, Addie Younker, Lily Swink, Lizzie Spach, Branson Stout