Cast Page

Cast List for Oklahoma!

Thank you to all who attended auditions and/or sent in video auditions. It was delightful to meet each of you. We hope you will audition for a future show if we were not able to use you in this production.


Congratulations to the cast!


To accept yout role, please send an email to  and remind me of any conflicts you might have. Our first rehearsal will be Tuesday, July 31st at the Thomas Edison South Campus in Nibley. We will have a cast Facebook page where we will post choreography, notes, etc… If you are not on FB, please make yourself a profile for this purpose. Please add my email to your email contacts, as that is the email I will use to communicate with you every Monday during the rehearsal and performance process and occasionally it disappears into cyber-space.



Aunt Eller: Leah Checketts

Curly: Trenton Bateman

Laurey: Siera Peery

Ike Skidmore: Richard Cox

Fred: Kyle Spuhler

Slim: Nathan Jones

Will Parker: Clifton Richards

Jud Fry: Josh Hopkins

Ado Annie Carnes: Melinda Richards

Ali Hakim: Kyle Cottam

Gertie Cummings: Kathleen Thomas

Ellen: Kaycia Barben

Kate: Eliza Jorgensen

Sylvie: Abigail Edwards

Vivian: Tiffany Bean

Virginia: Becky Maskell

Andrew Carnes: West Burrell

Cord Elam (Federal Marshal): Brody Craney

Mike: Andrew Withers

Joe: Caleb Craney

Tom: Peter Taylor


Laurey’s Dance Double: Amber Freestone


Women’s Ensemble:

Kelly White Bateman

Amber Freestone

Audrey Bailey

Kate Neeley

Charlie Burrell

Jessica Thurgood

Ashley Phelps

Sandi Gillam

Brittany Cox

Jennifer Birchell


We will have a men’s and women’s dance core, but anticipate that everyone will dance during the show. There was no facial hair during this period, so men will be asked to be clean shaven for the performances (except for Andrew Carnes, who needs a mustache if possible).  Our costume designer would also like the men to keep their eyes out for cowboy boots they can wear, and the ladies to find black character shoes. The sooner you start wearing them for choreography, the better.


Can't wait to get started!

~Debbie Ditton