Music Theatre West Cast Info
A huge "thank you" to all who auditioned for The King and I! We cannot cast our show without all the great talent in our valley. The decisions were tough, but we have an amazing cast. Please email your acceptance and any conflicts, from August 21st through October 10th (show dates are October 11-16), ASAP so I can get a rehearsal schedule put together this next week. Thanks again! Debbie Ditton,

Congratulations to the following cast members:
Captain Orton
Louis Leonowens
Anna Leonowens
The Kralahome
The King
Phra Alack
Lun Tha
Lady Tiang
Prince Chululongkorn
Sir Edward Ramsay

Jay Greene
Ryan Anderson
Sabrina Woodland
Clifton Richards
Jay Richards
Jeff Stout
Chad Craner
Chrissy Webster
Julia Hess
Luke Anderson
Brad Summers

Music Theatre West The King and I

Royal Wives

Siera Peery
Sebrina Woodland
Erin Pitcher
Madison Wright
Lauren Bowe
Melanie Conrad
Chloe Hanson
Caroline Peterson
Katie Gilbert

Michael Swink
Dakota DeWaal
Mark Summers
Thomas Griffiths
Jared Higham
Ethan May


Katie Ditton
Tiffany Lemon
Royal Princes

Michael Summers
Joshua Gilbert
Johnny Gilbert
Stuart Needham
Pearson Needham
Spencer Needham
Brennan Conrad
Isaac Low
Joseph Newswander

Royal Princesses

Lily Swink
Elizabeth Swink
Addie Younker
Lucy Cardon
Elizabeth Needham
Elise Sparrow           
Makiah Coburn
Ashley Jackman
Alexis Simper
Candace Anderson
Bethany Anderson
Jenny Albrechtson
Mackenzie Wright
Nicole Lambert           
Ella White
Rachel Anderson
Grace Mickelson
Grace Summers       
Ann Summers
Sarah Woodland
Lexi Stout


Branton Burgess
Alyssa Davis
Natalia Elliot
Noelle Flint
Makena Greener
Anney Haws
Sierra Howe
Morgan Jenkins
Haley Klaassen
Erica Low
Kensie Migliori
Marissa Olson
Alyssa Sawyer
Logan Stodart
DeSiree Stodart
Haley Wellings
Kelly White
Daniel Ditton
JD Needham
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