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Congratulations to the cast of Guys and Dolls! Thank you to ALL who auditioned. In addition to the casting listed below, most of the men will be in the Crapshooter's Ballet (don't let the word 'ballet' scare you...). Everyone is included in the ensemble (finale etc). Also be sure to read the entire list—you may be listed in more than one place.

Please email your acceptance to as soon as possible.
Rehearsals will begin in August, but we may come together for some dance classes this summer!

- Jay Richards, Director
- Debbie Ditton, Asst. Director

Nicely-Nicely Johnson
Benny Southstreet
Rusty Charlie

Sarah Brown
Arvide Abernathy
Salvation Army
Salvation Army

Harry the Horse
Lt. Brannigan
Nathan Detroit
Liver Lips Louie
Society Max
Angie the Ox
Another Player

Brad Noble
Bradley Summers
Scott Henderson

Lauren Bowe
Paul Woodland
DeSiree Stodart
Wes Spencer
Brittany Cox
Lotti Sidwell
Ian Stodart

Dan Anthony
Brad Summers Sr.
Clifton Richards
Thomas Guest
David Thunell
Matt Mason
Dane Braddy
Mark Summers

Lauren Sidwell
Laura Brower
Anna Harrison
Emily Feuz
Maren Lyman
Natalie Cowan
Chelsea Cummings
Allison Bodily
Miss Adelaide
Sky Masterson
General Cartwright
Big Jule

Master of Ceremonies

Hot Box Dancers

Havana Dancers

Havana Waiters


Celeste Baillio
Richard Cox
Karlee Heaps
Marianne Sidwell
Kameron Going

Dan Anthony

Taren Going
Karlee Heaps
Mary Ballif
Nancy Ashcroft
Kelly White
Jamie Younker

Sebrina Woodland
Erica Low
Logan Stodart
Haley Wellings
David Thunell
Thomas Guest
Scott Henderson
Bradley Summers

Jeff Stout
Mitchell Atkins

Owen Sidwell
Daniel Francis

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