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Congratulations to the cast of MTW on Broadway! Thank you to ALL who auditioned. The competition was very high. I hardly know what to say—I am in awe at the talent that we will have in this show. Casting is always difficult, but this was moreso than usual. Even with a larger cast than I anticipated, we had to leave more than 100 of you off the list. While we don't have room enjoy you in this show, it has caused us to look at ways to showcase more of you in the future. Be patient and keep coming back! You will notice that we have cast only adults and younger children this time. We invite the teens (and 'tweens") to join us this summer for our performance workshop in July. Many of you had outstanding auditions and have performed with MTW before. Please know that we would like the opportunity to work with you again!

If you are on the cast list below, we have committed to try to work around your schedules, but can only involve you in as many numbers as you are available to rehearse.

Please email your acceptance to as soon as possible.
Then watch your email for information regarding our first cast meeting.

- Jay Richards, Director

Sharol Frogley
Teresa Jones
Allison Winder
Lauren Sidwell
Celeste Ballio
Sebrina Woodland
Julia Hess
Karlee Heaps
Jamie Younker
Chrissy Webster
Jessica Burt
Eliza Merriam
Rachel Newswander
Siera Peery
April Higham
Becky Skabelund
Karen Wyatt
Nancy Ashcroft
Mary Ballif
Erin Pitcher

Craig Winder
Travis Leonhardt
Ryan Leonhardt
Kent Braddy
Alex Lambert
Dane Braddy
Bradley Summers
Joseph Ditton
David Thunell
Michael Higham
Matthew Stott
Clifton Richards
Carson Younker
Jared Higham
Seth Foster
Matt Stowe

Isabelle Anderson
Anne Summers
Grace Summers
Bria Holbrook
Morgan Horsburgh
Kaizley Holbrook
Grace Mickelson
Makiah Coburn
Elli Johns
Nicole Lambert
Jenny Albrechtsen
Alexis Simper
Sarah Woodland
Addie Younker
Lily Swink
Stewart Merriam
Levi Hopkins
Joseph Newswander
Logan Howe

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