Music Theatre West Cast Info
Music Theatre West
Ellen Eccles Theatre Stage (southwest door #3)
May 10, 8:00 p.m
Thank you to all who auditioned! There are many roles that do not require a callback, so if your name is not on this list, please make sure you still check the cast list after Monday. These are from last night's audition only. There is still another audition tonight!

Please call me with any questions or concerns.
Thanks, Debbie Ditton (435) 750-8994 or

The following should be at callback auditions at 8:00 p.m.
You should be ready to read in dialect (high British or Cockney depending on the part)
Sierra Kline
Makiah Coborn
Morgan Horsburgh
Grace Mickelson
Sadie Leonhardt
Bethany Anderson
Ashley Jackman
Lucy Cardon
Ashlyn Leishman
Rachel Anderson
Elise Sparrow
Janna Morrell
Teresa Jones
Marianne Sidwell
Loralee Choate
Siera Peery
Breanne Sanders
Melanie Hicken
Clifton Richards
Alex Lambert

Sheena Mecklenburg
Sara Lundskog
Travis Leonhardt
Erin Pitcher

If you cannot be there right at 8:00 p.m., please send a quick email about when you might be able to be there, so we can plan accordingly. There are a few that we know cannot be there.
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